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Andrew Marshall



Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA

M.DIV., Church Ministry

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA

M.R.E., Religious Education

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA

M.A.R., Church Ministry

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Music Lessons- Guitar, Ukulele, Saxophone- 2014-present

Adult Praise Team- Great Bridge Presbyterian Church

Youth Praise Team- Great Bridge Presbyterian Church

Worship Assistant- Immanuels Church- 2011-2012

Worship Team- Camp Sonshine 2005-2009

Marching Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band- Liberty University 2003-2007

Great Bridge Presbyterian Church, Chesapeake, VA


Director of Youth Ministry

  • Church size: 700-1000 Average Weekly

  •  Youth Size: 100-200 Average weekly

  •  Led a team of volunteers of 30-40 and 3 staff

  •  Managed the youth program from Grades 5-College

  •  manage a budget of $21,000+

  •  Restore a diminishing high school program

  •  Recruit and train new volunteers

  •  Help implement the Orange Strategy in the Children and Youth Ministry

  •  Work in a denominational setting having no prior experience

  •  Leading and creating a program from the ground up.

  •  Learning to quite programs that are ineffective and start new ideas​

  • Communicate the vision and mission  to all volunteers, staff, student leaders,

  •  Align youth ministry with vision and mission of the church

  • Develop and lead programs according to the vision and mission of the GBPC youth ministry

  •  Serve as the leader of the youth ministry team and committed

  • Create outreach programs, service activities, and events

  • Plan spiritual growth programs, activities and events that include opportunities for youth

  •  Coordinate confirmation classes

  • Recruit and train volunteer leaders to help you with your purpose

  •  Meet regularly with youth volunteers and staff

  •  Develop and coordinate training events for the youth ministry team

  •  Develop relationships with unchurched youth with no specific agenda

  • Seek out opportunities to engage with youth on campus, at sports events, or in the church family

  • Build and maintain quality relationships with parents

  • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents (regular e-newsletters, town hall, texting)

  •  Network with other youth workers in the community

  •  Provide a weekly report to the senior pastor 

Leader and Home Host for Great Bridge Younglife club and campaigners weekly

Regional Mentor and Coach for Lead222 minister mentoring program

Short term missions Trip to Nicaragua for Visa Joven 

2014, 2019

Short Term missions trip to Columbia with One Ministry Foundation


Short Term Missions Trip to Honduras with Finding Hope Ministry

2018, 2019



Camp Sonshine/ Immanuel's Church Silver Spring, MD

Teen Adventure Program Manager Summer 2008, 2009, Full-Time 2010-2012

  • Programed a summer camp for 120 campers 7 th -10 th grade, per week for 8 weeks of camp

  •  Trained a staff of 15-18 college age students

  •  Met on teams during the year to work on tasks such as; Spiritual Impact, Site,  and Transportation Programming

  •  Created and Managed a budget of $100,000.00+

  •  Met and talked with parents throughout the year about the Teen Program

  •  Supervised the Teen Program daily in the summer and handle any conflicts or parent

  •  Met with staff for one-on-one mentoring and ongoing training during the summer

  •  Supervised field trips with campers and staff of the Teen program 

  • programed on overnight trips with Charter buses and hotels 2-3 hours away with over 130 campers and 25 staff.

  •  Contacted summer staff during the off season to encourage them and prepare them for

  •  Planed and executed several year around events such as a ski trip and spring break camp

  •  Created a 40 day devotional for staff to encourage them for the summer

  • CDL license

  •  Proficient in Thriva Database program

  • Managed a master calendar of tasks and projects to make sure the Teen Adventure

  • Involveded in the hiring of 15-18 summer staff

  •  Planned new activities and developed a color wars program to make teen program exciting and new

  •  Led training sessions for 200 summer staff of the entire summer camp

  •  Preached God’s word to over 200 summer and full time staff

  • Managed the summer worship team for the summer camp

  •  Learned how to take an existing program and add new ideas, trips, and activities

  •  Learned how to be administrative in leadership

  •  Learned delegation and confrontation

  •  Balanced administrative tasks with relationship building

  •  Maintained professional attitude with parents while being relevant to students

  •  Maintained spiritual growth while working in ministry

  •  Formed lasting relationships with staff

  •  Promoted community amongst full time and summer staff

  •  Organized hotel and food accommodations for 140 people and seeing that everyonewas safe and accounted for.

Immanuel’s Church, Silver Spring, MD

Assistant to Worship Arts Pastor 2011-2012

  •  Church size: 1000

  •  Worship Team size: 15-20

  •  Created music charts for Sunday Worship

  •  Organized worship team for Staff lunch worship services once a week

  •  Helped organize worship events for the church that would include a 60 person orchestra and a 10-15 person worship team for a two day event

  •  Learned how to lead a worship team

  •  Basic sound skills using sound board and electronic instruments

  •  Mentored by the Worship Arts Pastor

  •  Set up a stage for worship

  •  Prepared orchestrations for worship production

  •  Confidence in musical talent on stage

Hilltop Community Church, Virginia Beach, VA

Worship and Youth Pastor 2012-2013

  •  Church size: 25 people

  •  Youth Size: 10-20

  •  Organized the worship team on a weekly basis

  •  Picked music for worship and practice to prepare for Sunday morning

  •  Managed Sunday school for the 4-9 youth by assigning leaders to prepare and implement lessons

  •  Lead Sunday school on rotation with other leaders

  •  Programmed several youth events for students in surrounding community

  •  Met with youth leaders and assign them to various tasks to prepare for youth events

  •  Managed a team of 4 youth leaders

  • Invited students in the community by handing out flyers and saw the group grow from 0 students to 12 after one event

  • Balanced family life with full time job and volunteer ministry

  •  Worked in a smaller church environment coming from a mega church

  •  Lead worship for the first time rather than being on a team

  •  Started from ground zero in the youth group and inviting kids from the neighborhood

  •  Worked with a church restart

  • Learned how to implement camp programming experience in a church setting

Liberty Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA

Student Government Association President 2009

  • Welcome new students to Seminary

  • Plan monthly gatherings for Seminary Students

  •  Manage Seminary students lounge

  •  Report to the Seminary President and execute tasks

  •  Organize elections for the next year

  •  Create new and exciting events for students to help build community

  •  Leading peers in a high position of authority

  •  First time working with a budget

  •  Working in a student government

  •  Working with international students



Music experience

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other ministry experience

Mission Work

Other Current Ministries 

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